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About Us

"Unlocking the Mind and Re-engineering Reality"

Angelic Alchemy & Elixirs is a lifestyle designed to decalcify, debug, and purify the entire system of our bodies. These tonics are applied topically and internally.

The intention and power of these elixirs is to bring the body from a calcified state to a fluid, light body state by way of purification through skin absorption and internal dissolving and cleansing. 


These high frequency herbs, supplements, and solvents are organically grown in high altitudes and arranged to activate the DNA on a quantum scale.

Some of the benefits of our potions are: unclogging the pores and stripping the skin of toxins, mucus, heavy metals, plastics, parasites, candida, fluoride, fungus, pesticides, free radicals, and weight loss.(both physical and etheric).

These elixirs promote homeostasis, harmony, an increase in electromagnetic conductivity, and a permanent decrease in stiffness and inflammation in the body. 


This is full spectrum detoxification, rapid cellular and melanin regeneration, soul retrieval and self discovery, topical and internal dissolving of physical and energetic debris, removal of karmic debt, increase in oxygenation in the blood and tissues, Chi and Kundalini activation, rapid memory recall and trauma removal (present and past life).


Our alchemy offers rejuvenation through cognitive nourishment and repair, lucid dream enhancements, healing of psycho-spiritual and physical disease, melanin restoration to promote plasmic light absorption, increased advanced sensory perception, instinct enhancement, and reverse aging technology. 

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