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Ariel Williams is a Divinely Guided and highly Adept Wellness Practitioner, Life Coach and Sacred Medicine Woman. With over 11 years of Study, and dedication she specializes in Guided prayer and meditations, Ancestral remedies, Recipes, and Supplemental Regimens. As a certified Reiki healer, she is known best for, Auric Field Cleansing, Yogic Breath meditations, kundalini Yoga and light body activation, and last but not least Sacred Ceremonial work with various herb, animal and Master Teacher Plant Medicines. 


To raise awareness of the multidimensional self, invoke inner peace, and pave the way to higher quality of livelihood is the main crux of the great work. Ariel is here to serve as a reminder to step into your power, love fearlessly and walk in the light of your highest destiny. 

A Closer Look

due to the many challenges we collectively face regarding health, I vowed to make sense of and create a better path to healing, personal care and overall wellness. Over the years, I have channeled wisdom and pulled from many sources to create formulas that are unique and highly effective. Getting back to our ancestral regimens and remedies are paramount in reclaiming our wellness. 


The formulas compromised by Angelic Alchemy and Elixirs are highly active and capable of oxygenating the body from the inside out and outside in. With that being said, my vision has always been to use physical and metaphysical elements to compose a wholesome approach, divinely re-engineering the entire being.


Alchemy and Elixirs provides a wide array of products and services to supercharge the immune system's response to diseases, invoke the cellular activity to address old parasites in new ways and activate the higher DNA strands. On top of full spectrum cleansing we are cultivating harmonious wellness regimens in the face of reverse engineering tactics found in food, water, air, gene therapies and mental programming that must be challenged. 



With faith, dedication, and patience, we can overcome any obstacle. It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it. Pressure makes diamonds, and the attitude of gratitude will launch your latitude.

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