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Angelic Plasma Restoration Regimen

We often refer to the human body as a vessel. A vessel is a ship. Our being is a supercomputer comprised of many complex systems. These systems are electromagnetic in nature. We get much of our fuel to power our engine from the sun, whether directly or by way of eating. It is common knowledge that the majority of the people on this planet are currently vitamin D deficient even with being in the sun more often than not.

The body is more intelligent than we give it credit for. When we supply it with what it needs our body can do miraculous things including fight off viruses and disease and return to a state of homeostasis. Our Angelic Plasma Restoration Regimen is designed to increase the level of Vitamin D3 for ultimate health.

Are you looking to Activate your higher strands of DNA? Supercharge your Immune system, address autoimmune issues and or ward off viruses? This protocol does it all; from providing the much-needed nutrients and minerals the body needs for optimal health to reverse aging technology. This 3 pronged vitamin regimen has everything you need to give your physical and non physical body the Electromagnetic fuel it needs to fine tune into your highest version of self. Many of the benefits include:

-Increase energy levels

-Enhance the immune system

-Purify blood, organs ,and tissues

-Removes fungus, candida and drains mucus

-Eradicate joint stiffness, aches, and inflammation

-Activate stem cells

-Increase Killer T Cells

-Extend the DNA telomeres

-Improve skin, hair, and nails

-Repair bones joints and tissues

-Enhanced mental clarity

-Decrease parasitic appetite

-advance sensory perception

-Stimulate healthy weight loss

-Increase the ability and quality of rest and sleep.

-Increase the frequency quality and capacity to dream, vision, and or travel higher dimensions in sleeping state.

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