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Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metals cut you off from your higher versions of self and higher senses. Once I started to detox the heavy metals on a deep cellular level, I started to have vivid and lucid dreams more frequently and knew what they represented. It also makes you much less dense which causes weight loss on a multidimensional level and activates your light body, plus it gives you the ability to gain access to higher realms.

After only 1 month of working with my alchemy, I reversed the deep toxicity in my skin due to heavy metals, parasites free radicals, and more. Heavy metals typically gather around the thigh, waist, and hip area. Over time, they can be flushed out with the right solvents, minerals, and nutrients

. My skin has made a rapid recovery and I still have a long way to go. Book a consultation for your personalized care plan today!

Your Temple is a Divine Vessel that carries your essence. Treat it as such. If you are interested in a heavy metal detox, check out our Supersonic Tonic. #AngelicAlchemyAndElixirs #SuperSonicTonic #HeavyMetalDetox

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