Know Thyself

The body is a system of chambers. The brain is a chamber inside the skull, it has its own compartments of chambers within itself. The nasal cavity is a system of chambers, it has its own system of chambers that are all connected to all senses. The throat and mouth are chambers. The heart is a major system of chambers and valves, that sit inside the chamber of the rib cage. The bowels are a system of chambers, when activated properly they are made of holy fire. The womb is a major system of chambers, in which a child can be born and manifested in their own body of chambers. The genitals are a system of chambers. I could go on and on.

Our ancestors wrote on the walls of Kemet, "man know thyself". Everything they built, those pyramids aka chambers were a divine reflection of what they saw within themselves. Nation-building starts with self.

The work we do together inside the healing chambers is to remind us of these things and go deep into observation cleansing and reawakening of these chambers' highest functions. This work is of the highest level of self-care. #MrsChambers #KnowThyself #AngelicAlchemy #DivinestRisings

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