Soul Retrieval Work

Soul retrieval work is very essential to becoming one with higher aspects of self. To ground the higher bits of intelligence back into the vessel, one must purify mind-body, and spirit from darker energies that hold space where light can resonate. There is a slew of memories that must be transmuted from the bodies. The crown aka mind, the heart, the womb, the hands, the souls of the feet etc. The deeper we go in removing these negative attachments, energies, and traumas that no longer serve us, the more space we make for the ancestral, inner child, and angelic memories and gifts to reactivate and realign themselves in our reality. This can and will happen in stages if you focus on investing in yourself and doing the work. This type of rapid transformational work is for those who are ready to recreate wellness through simple regimens, and lifestyle changes. Connect with us for a consultation on the best way to get started.

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